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At 510W, the High is a great entry into high-dose red light therapy from head to toe. Standing tall with two of our modular Triplexes stacked, this device is large enough to irradiate the entire body with large amounts of red and near-infrared light from only a small distance away. Select red light only, near-infrared light only or have both wavelengths on at once.

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Device specifications:

Power consumption: 510W*
Maximum wattage: 1080W*

Dimensions: 1920x220x65mm 

LED quantity: 360

Output wavelengths: 660nm and 850nm

Weight: 24kg

Irradiance (mW/cm²) at 3 inches: >110

Beam angle: 30 degrees

Timer: Custom timer (1 minute resolution)

Average LED lifespan: 50.000 hours

Cooling: Integrated fans

Remote control included
Hanging kit included

*Actual power consumption of the LEDs (excluding cooling) differs from maximum wattage as we run LEDs below maximum power to preserve lifespan. Note that many companies do not accurately list their wattage in an effort to make their lights look more powerful. Some competitors would even list the wattage of an equivalent light as 4x higher. Unfortunately this is very pervasive and the norm rather than the exception.

Package specifications: 

Package 1:

Dimensions: 1070x290x130mm

Weight: 15kg

Package 2:

Dimensions: 1070x290x130mm

Weight: 15kg

Shipping time: 4-9 working days (please note due to the current global situation there may be slight delays)

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