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The CytoLED Affiliate Program was created with the aim of helping bring affordable red light therapy to the average consumer, through collaborating voices in the health and wellness space. We provide collaborators with easy sign-up and tracking tools to keep track of their audience's engagement with us, and collect their earnings. 

Three Easy Steps

Becoming a CytoLED Affiliate is as easy as completing three easy steps:

1. Sign up in our menu down below
2. Share about us with your audience
3. Earn your commission as a percentage of all sales made through your recommendation

Extra Perks

If you have a substantially sized audience, collaborating with us comes with some extra perks, including a free device and early access to CytoLED updates, as well as receiving next generation models before consumer release. We are intending on releasing very specific guidelines regarding required audience size, engagement and the associated perks we will provide our collaborators with. For the time being, it's best to simply send us an email at or hit us up on our social media if you think you may qualify. 

Frequently Asked Questions