Out of the thousands of studies on red light therapy, very few have observed any sort of negative reaction. Many of these are in vitro studies, and animal experiments using excessive doses of lasers, not LEDs. Overall the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of red/near infrared light therapy being safe. 

Check out our research hub for some of the available research on different issues and how red light therapy can help. It also features a link to a database that comprehensively overviews virtually all of the available research. 

We're working on usage guidelines for different indications. For systemic use, we'd recommend a distance of 60-100cm, and 3-20 minutes of use depending on the size of the device and the individual.

You can find the operating manual at the bottom of the product page of each device. 

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1. We are aiming to add dimmers so our devices can be used at different levels of brightness. 

2. We are aiming to grow our YouTube channel and continue interviewing experts in the field, as well as providing accurate information in our writing.