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Introduction to CytoLED

CytoLED is a red light therapy company founded in 2019 by long-term enthusiasts of red light therapy. Long before there was an industry of direct-to-consume red light therapy panels, we had our own custom devices built to experiment with on ourselves. After years of experimentation, we eventually decided to enter the red light therapy industry. We are located in the Netherlands and have had a focus on the European market, but are looking to expand globally. At CytoLED we're committed to accurate scientific information on red light therapy. We commit to providing accurate and reliable measurements on our devices, and delivering quality writeups on the use of red light therapy for various indications. Unfortunately, misleading measurements with inaccurate equipment, outright lies about power consumption, irradiance or total light output have been the norm rather than the exception, we intend to break that trend.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy, or photobiomodulation, is an increasingly popular treatment based on irradiating the body with various light sources, most often LEDs and lasers. Red and near-infrared light produces measurable biological effects, including anti-inflammatory signaling and improved mitochondrial function. Over seven thousand studies on red light therapy have been published in scientific journals, also including high-impact journals such as The Lancet, Circulation, PNAS and Science Translational Medicine. Evidence from systematic reviews suggest that red light therapy could be useful in the treatment of various ailments including knee pain, diabetic foot ulcers, hair loss and burning mouth syndrome. Red light has recently become popular as a means to improve general well-being, and it can be used as an additional method along with improving nutrition, sleep and other lifestyle factors. It has the ability to mimic many of the beneficial effects of sunlight without the downsides associated with excess UV exposure.

Exploring CytoLED Devices

At CytoLED we offer a range of devices, spanning from our smallest model, the Zero, measuring 24.0x23.0x6.5 cm, to our largest model, the Pentaplex, measuring 151x22x6.5 cm, emitting a beam large enough to cover the entire body. While the smaller devices offer a convenient way to treat specific areas, the large devices offer the most impressive systemic benefit. Many of our customers and collaborators report a very noticeable calming and re-charging feeling when using a large device.

What Sets CytoLED Apart?

At CytoLED we're highly committed to scientific integrity and accurate data. Besides our high quality writeups, we offer carefully done and comprehensive measurements of our devices. In addition, we regularly do batch tests and open up devices for inspection. We're also one of the few companies in this industry that repairs devices. Sometimes we offer repaired devices as B-stock, so people with less financial means can get their hands on a lower cost device that functions as if it were brand new.

Become a CytoLED Affiliate

The CytoLED Affiliate Program was created with the aim of helping bring affordable red light therapy to the average consumer, through collaborating voices in the health and wellness space. We provide collaborators with easy sign-up and tracking tools to keep track of their audience's engagement with us, and collect their earnings. 

Three Easy Steps

Becoming a CytoLED Affiliate is as easy as completing three easy steps:

1. Sign up in our menu down below
2. Share about us with your audience
3. Earn your commission as a percentage of all sales made through your recommendation

Extra Perks

If you have a substantially sized audience, collaborating with us comes with some extra perks, including a free device and early access to CytoLED updates, as well as receiving next generation models before consumer release. We are intending on releasing very specific guidelines regarding required audience size, engagement and the associated perks we will provide our collaborators with. For the time being, it's best to simply send us an email at info@cytoled.com or hit us up on our social media if you think you may qualify. 

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